Friday, March 11, 2011

A Wee Update

I promised I'd keep you up to date. So:

We are very pleased to announce that Trevor Cole and Richard Scarsbrook will be reading on August 5th, that Joe Denham has been added to the September 9th readings, and that Kathleen Winter will be reading at the series on October 21st. 

And ... the fabulous Terry Fallis has just confirmed for September 23rd.

That's all for now. But, oh ... there will be more updates to come. There will be.

You can't hide forever John Irving!


  1. What happened May 6? I got there about 20 minutes late because of a previous commitment and no one was there.

  2. That was my fault, I will assume. My apologies, Rachael.

    Although we did have a wonderful reading. I believe the reading time might have been different on this blog. If so, I apologize. And hop you'll come out to future readings.

  3. Attended last night's (July 8th) reading and just wanted to say what a great evening it was!

    Carol A. Stephen